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At Mountain Tech Living, we create beautiful living spaces that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. We tackle projects on any scale, and support you and your vision throughout the process from start to finish. Our standard for quality is unmatched in the industry, and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and use of superior products. For that reason, we are the only landscape design firm in the Denver-Metro area to provide you with a 5-year warranty guaranteeing our products and craftsmanship. 

As a socially and environmentally conscious company, we utilize local companies and local resources almost exclusively. During the initial stage of your project, we will provide you with multiple eco-elegant renderings of your design to ensure that we realize your vision. We focus on the use of sustainable materials, water preservation, and renewable resources while ensuring that we maintain a socially and ethically conscious work environment. 




We provide consistent, reliable, and individualized support throughout the course of your project and are prompt when addressing any question or concern. Expect a rapid,  detail-oriented response to any issue under the direct support of one of our partners. 





Easy Steps to Winterize Your Irrigation Pump



As freezing temps approach, it’s time to winterize water pumps to prevent your pumps from freezing. Correctly winterizing your pump is necessary in order to prevent damage due to freezing. These simple steps will guide you through the winterization process, and will leave you feeling confident that your pump will be protected all winter long!

From Munro Pump:

Turn Off the Sprinkler Controller and Source Water Valve

Turn off the lawn controller and source water valve – break the suction vacuum.

Disconnect the Water Source.

If feasible, disconnect the water source and discharge piping.

Remove Water from Pump Chambers.

On the pump case, open both top and bottom drain valves to remove water from the pump chambers.

For Pressurized Air Systems….

If you’re blowing out your irrigation system with pressurized air, use a narrow box wrench to prevent the shaft from spinning. When the impeller spins too fast, the motor governor can be damaged.

Close All Drain Valves.

Once the water is drained from pump case, close all drain valves.

Fill Pump Case with Pump Winterization Fluid

Fill the pump case just past the eye of the impeller with Munro Freeze Defeat. This will keep cast iron pump cases from rusting and keep the impeller free for spring start-up.

Eco-friendly Landscape Design


Reducing lawn space can promote energy conservation. The premise is simple enough: less lawn means less mowing, and -- unless you're using a reel mower -- less mowing means reduced use of a power source. But reducing lawn space can also promote water conservation. Lawns require more watering than planting beds. In watering planting beds comprised of individual plants, you can target the watering better (using drip irrigation, for instance), thereby promoting water conservation. For more information, please consult the following resource:

Xeriscaping for Water Conservation

And speaking of irrigation, it is a common misconception that automatic irrigation systems are wasteful. On the contrary: if used properly, automatic irrigation systems can promote water conservation. For more information, please consult the following resource:

Automatic Irrigation Systems

So far we have considered how we can promote energy conservation and water conservation in our landscaping efforts. Now it's time to tackle the equally challenging issues of environmental pollution and the overuse of our landfills. In the context of landscaping, three of the most significant ways to reduce environmental pollution are by cutting back on the use of chemical herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.

Quick Tips to Maximize Water Conservation


Saving water in your landscape doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. Many of the most effective things you can do to reduce your water bills and protect your community’s water supply are simple and easy. Here are a few suggestions to reduce your water bill and carbon footprint!

  1. Install an automatic-rain-shutoff device. This is an inexpensive device you can install on your irrigation system controller that tells it to shut off when a specified amount of rain has fallen. It protects your lawn (and your water bill) from accidental over-watering. 

  2. Update your irrigation system with a smart controller. If your water bill has been large it will probably pay itself back within a couple of years.

  3. Upgrade to water-efficient emitters. If your sprinkler heads, rotors, or drip irrigation emitters are more than a couple of years old, ask your local irrigation expert to inspect your system and recommend more efficient alternatives if appropriate.

  4. Eliminate leaks. According to the EPA, a single 1/32” diameter leak on a hose, emitter or outdoor faucet can waste more than 6,000 gallons of water in a year. Imagine the cost if you have multiple leaks! If you hire a competent landscape company to maintain your lawn.

  5. Choose drought-tolerant plants. Careful plant selection can make a huge difference in your water use. Check with a landscape professional for advice as to which species will thrive in your area and on your specific property.

These are just a few suggestions you can implement to keep your outdoor water use to a minimum while enjoying a beautifully healthy lawn and landscape. 

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